Whatever your travel style,

we’ve got your accommodation covered

Our Properties

19 Grimshaw Street
Parramatta Park, Cairns

Urban and urbane, boutique shared accommodation for young professional and discerning traveller alike. Minutes walk to anywhere in the CBD and Esplanade – transport not required.

18 Loeven Street
Parramatta Park, Cairns

A long time favourite with an innercity location. The socially-inclusive, homely atmosphere makes this a great base for your Cairns Experience. Friendships guaranteed!

15 Joan Street Bungalow,

A real home away from home, this friendly settled house offers workers the perfect balance of city convenience at a suburban pace. Off-street parking.

General Style

Self-catering accommodation with shared amenities. Rooms are well appointed and comfortable, suited to the needs of the working traveller, young professional or recent arrival who wants a more personal, settled environment than a hostel or hotel. Expect an orderly, hygienic environment maintained by thorough weekly professional cleaning and additional daily procedures.

Hand sanitizer, detergent and disinfectant is provided in every kitchen and hand wash in every bathroom.


There will always be cheaper options, make no mistake. But if you prefer pleasant, clean surroundings and a user-friendly system, weigh up your options. Our houses have great city locations and all utilities are included in the weekly rent. There are no shared chores or rosters, everything is provided as agreed and our system is simple and transparent.

Accommodation without complication.

What Is A ‘Fully Inclusive’ Rate?

Air conditioning, internet access, washing machines and driers are often “add ons”. Few of us estimate the exact value of these hidden costs ($5 here and there), but they certainly add up. We take away this unknown by charging a fully inclusive rate.

Your accommodation is covered and also your utility fees (and there are other inclusions) so you know in advance just what your living costs are going to be.

No nasty surprises at the end of the week!

Centrally located

Our properties are located with behind Cairns Central, easy walking distance to the Esplanade, Lagoon, Marina and the CBD with all the convenience that implies.