about widem farming

Approximately 105km South West of Cairns in FNQ lies the small town of Dimbulah.
With its fertile soils and favorable climate, we have created Widem Farming. Dimbulah meaning “Long Waterhole” referring to the Walsh River that forms the border of the farm, where we pump our nutritional water from to feed and quench the thirst of our individually groomed Citrus trees. With cold winter nights and hot daytime temperatures, it creates the perfect growing conditions for the highest quality Citrus. The topographical positioning of Widem Farming gives us the opportunity to passionately strive for perfection.

our produce

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With a deep yellow color, soft flawless skin and NO SEEDS the Seedless Eureka Lemon Is bound to become a consumer favorite. Exceptional quality, high juice content and long shelf life is what the Seedless Eureka do best.


Dark green, Seedless and full of juice the Tahitian Lime is a standout. With favorable growing conditions 12 months of the year, you can always be reassured of quality and supply. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


‘Coming Soon’ The Star Ruby Grapefruit with Red blushed skin, dark red flesh and exceptional grapefruit flavor. The preferred Grapefruit Variety.

seasonal breakdown

crop jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec

our sustainable Practices

irrigation practices

Low Flow, low pressure drip irrigation means reduced
water and electricity usage

soil health

Routine soil tests and maintenance ensures EC levels are maintained at optimum levels throughout the year


Widem Farming actively invests in state of the art solar technology to reduce its carbon footprint

farming practices

Pro Active not Reactive is our onus. By planning, managing and acting, we keep the growing environment as natural as possible

join the widem farming team

At Widem Farming, we have both seasonal and Permanent employment options. Please contact us to find out more about the opportunities currently available.