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Our quality custom made and easy to operate Patented Internal Pipe Cutting Tool is the only choice for cutting PVC pipework quickly, safely and in hard to reach spots.

We are a family owned business in Australia and New Zealand bringing our new Patented Internal Pipe cutting technology to the market!

Our new product ensures that internal PVC pipe cutting is done affordably the safest and easiest way possible.

Our product is fit for tradies of all types and even the every day home owner!


Our product is the perfect fit for tradies and even the everyday homeowner!


36mm Blade Attachment

Self centring Diamond blade made for cutting smaller PVC pipes from 40mm-100mm

Internal Pipe Cutter

Internal pipe cutter for cutting PVC pipe embedded in concrete or in hard to reach locations

80mm Blade Attachment

Self centring Diamond blade made for cutting larger PVC pipes from 90mm-200mm


The tool is held in the users hand, even upon the chuck becoming loose the tool will not fall down the drain due to the user having it firmly grasped.

This also gives the user the element of complete control avoiding damage/harm to people/property.


Having been in the plumbing industry for over 9 years this product was made based on the experience on site of New builds, Renovations and Maintenance jobs. This product is perfect for cutting PVC pipework embedded in concrete or in a hard to reach spot.


We are the patent holders for this product in multiple countries around the world. We are and will remain the only company allowed to manufacture this Internal pipe cutter.


Our tools are made of steel and our blades are made of high quality diamond coated steel. The tool itself requires minimum maintenance. This maintenance consists of just a few drops of oil or a spray of CRC/WD-40 before use.


We value the feedback of our clients and pride ourselves on adjusting to suit the ever changing industry. Want to get in touch? Send us an email today.

Turners Tools is the only choice for quality and safety.

How It Works

The tool is able to be held via the external sleeve whilst the tool is in motion allowing the user to guide and control the tool preventing it from jumping around like the current tools available on todays market.

On top of the added safety, our tool is much less likely to be lost down the drain when a drill chuck becomes loose as the user has a firm grip on it when the blade is in motion down the pipe.

We have custom made diamond blades available in 36mm for smaller pipework and 80mm for those bigger jobs. Our blades are heavy duty, so when they contact concrete or steel they wont be instantly unusable like the conventional steel blades.

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