Art Work Spaces is more than just an office

36 Abbott St is an inspiring iconic building occupying a prime CBD location on the edge of the Cairns Gallery Precinct.

Curated to host private office suites, stylish coworking spaces, meeting rooms and a trendy cafe overlooking the heritage lawns and gardens of the restored Old Courthouse.

A Spirit of Hospitality, State of the Art Technology, Modern Features and Stylish Facilities combine to enable a community to grow and thrive.

Art Work Spaces redefines the workplace experience!

The Building

A joyous collage of material, craft & geometry. Here edgearchitecture demonstrated the relationship between architecture and art, texture, patterns, light and shade.

The two-storey high street canopy screen and hanging vertical elements presumptive of the region’s rainforest elements brought into an urban environment. The footpath vista opens up and allows direct access to the Cairns Art Gallery Precinct courthouse gardens.

The bounding elements to the heritage-listed courthouse gardens present a timeless sculptural screen facade with the practicality of screening sunlight, manipulating light and shadow.


At Art Work Spaces, we have teamed up with great partners to deliver state of the art technology. Say goodbye to mechanical keys. Enter the building and your space using Salto Electronic Access on your mobile phone or FOBs.

Connectivity is critically important. High speed internet is provided via a dedicated fibre optic connection combined with Dual NBN internet failover. Every membership plan includes Tier 1 Standard Wi Fi. Extensive coverage allows seamless access to the building-wide Ubiquity Wireless Network.

We work with a leading Technology provider. Customisable data and VoiP Telephony solutions are available for private offices. There is a dedicated Print Room with Business class printers using PaperCut and Cilantro – ensuring a secure printing solution.


36 Abbott St is not just an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building but it also integrates health, wellness and human experience in the building. 228 LG Highest Efficiency Solar Panels have been installed thereby significantly reducing Members’ energy costs.

The very latest Daikin Smart Air Conditioning System provides clean, efficient and superior comfort. All private offices suites are individually monitored to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

We have an Environmental Policy that includes recycling and reducing the use of plastics.


A Living Work of Art

Here at Art Work Spaces, hundreds of plants have been artfully curated into a spectacular two-storey high living work of art. Making a bold statement, this 5.4m x 4.8m wall is the first and largest of its kind in Cairns, pushing temperatures down and productivity up, against a backdrop of cool and calm.

A green wall is said to provide environmental benefits to a busy work place like Art Work Spaces.

  • Carbon Dioxide reduction
  • Reduction in energy use & costs
  • Cooling ambient temperature
  • Filtration of pollutants
  • A humidifying effect
  • Noise reduction
  • Capturing toxic gases [VOCs] from cleaning products, carpet, paint, furniture and building materials
Amy Eden, Elected Member Division5, Cairns Regional Council

The perfect neighbor to the Galley Precinct’s Courthouse, Art Work Spaces will be an innovative space for business or study with an extensive personal art collection displayed throughout the building. The high-tech inclusions, communal spaces, and smart and green energy system will appeal to people who want to take their work outside the traditional office setting.

The Art

Showcasing an eclectic collection of Australian paintings, primitive carvings and sculptures, AWSome murals, icons of the sixties and seventies industrial design, redundant technology from another generation all keeping company with the textured material elements of the building.

A soaring soothing vertical Green Wall, the visually imposing external punched aluminium curtain screen with the urban factory look of raw concrete exposing electrical and mechanical services.

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