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Treat your pup to a haircut using our extensive range of tools
Keep your horses coat looking it's very best.
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Our first rate blade sharpening service, same day available.
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Pet Blades is your North Queensland go to for world class animal grooming tools. From sales to ongoing maintenance, get in touch or browse online to see our range of quality pet blades.


Quality Guaranteed

We use the latest technology in blade sharpening so you get the sharpest blades every time.

Customer Service

We're here to help and offer you the best service and advice on maintenace and blade use.


Locally Owned

Being a family run business, we provide a genuine and first rate service, guaranteed.

find click and collect locations for pet blades

Pet Blades has two convenient locations in Cairns City for all click and collect orders,
open Monday to Saturday.

Click & Collect locations

Toddies Barbers 274 Mulgrave Road Westcourt, 4870

Monday – Saturday 8:30 – 5:00

The Barbers Wife 274 Mulgrave Road Westcourt, 4870

Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 5:00
Click and Collect
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Pet Blades can provide warranty information, servicing, and repairs of your equipment. Get in touch to make an appointment or download our blade sharpening form. Same day blade sharpening is available.


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