about vertex packing

Vertex Packing is a young, dynamic fruit packing business based in Northern Queensland. Utilizing state of the art grading technology, coupled with highly customized equipment, we pack a wide variety of fruit including citrus, avocados and mangos according to the highest possible international food safety standards.

We live by our motto of ‘Quality packed perfectly’ and that is why every piece of fruit packed by Vertex Packing is delicately handled ‘as our own’ to ensure optimal quality throughout the packing process.

packing schedule

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our sustainable Practices

Renewable Energy

Vertex Packing uses the latest solar technology to reduce its carbon footprint.

Grading Technology

fruit wastage is reduced to an absolute minimum by using the latest camera grading technology.

Waste management

Meticulous focus on ensuring recyclable and non-recyclable waste is separated throughput the packing process.

Cold Room Control Technology

Vertex Packing utilizes a state-of-the-art cold room control system to ensure optimal energy usage.


join the vertex packing team

Packing a wide variety of produce, means we have permanent and seasonal opportunities all year round at Vertex Packing. Fostering a healthy work environment, we always strive to make working at Vertex Packing as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Please contact us to find out more about the opportunities currently available